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When It's Time to Schedule a Follow-Up Vet Appointment for Your Pet

Depending on your vet’s recommendation, your pet might need a follow-up exam after a wellness or emergency visit. Knowing when to schedule a follow-up visit for your pet can help you prepare yourself and your pet.


After an Emergency Treatment

Your pet may have an injury or health condition that needs urgent veterinary medical attention. After the emergency visit, the vet may provide some take-home medications or care instructions. Most likely, the vet will schedule a follow-up visit after a week or two to help ensure your pet is recovering as expected.


For Wellness Habits, Physical Maintenance and Grooming

Your vet may schedule follow-up visits to keep an eye on your pet’s health, appearance and wellness. For example, if your pet is overweight, the vet might recommend diet and exercise with a follow-up appointment to track your pet’s weight loss. Your vet may also request a recheck visit to monitor the improvement of any skin issues.


For Managing Chronic Health Conditions

Pets with chronic health conditions may need frequent follow-up appointments. The goal of each visit is to monitor your pet’s health condition. Here are some conditions that may require more frequent visits:


  • Idiopathic epilepsy is a common cause of recurrent seizures in canines one to five-year-old pets. Seizures are often managed with medication but require frequent check-ins.

  • Diabetes is common in more mature pets. But this illness can also occur in pregnant or younger pets. Routine monitoring can help manage this ailment better.

  • A congenital heart defects should be monitored for any change or worsening.

  • Allergies can come from a pet’s physical reaction to food, fleas, and environmental factors and require vigilant monitoring.

  • Glaucoma can cause pressure and fluid buildup in the eye or eyes and should be monitored to ensure your pet is not in any pain.

  • Arthritis is common in many pets. This condition causes joint inflammation that then causes stiffness and pain and can often be helped with supplements or medications, many of which require regular bloodwork.

A follow-up visit with your vet can help maintain or improve your pet’s health and well-being for years to come. At the Pet Hospital of Redlands, we are always ready to provide high-quality veterinary care. You can visit our facility in Redlands, California, for an in-person consultation or call 909-363-1617 to set an appointment.

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